ATCGen believes and is based on the following values:

Integrity: ATCGen is proud to consider business integrity as one of its main pillars. We follow an ethics and moral code which allows us to conduct and support scientific research in an honest and responsible way.

Quality: ATCGen attains high quality patterns through the customization of the needs of each client. Each client is unique and needs special attention; that is why ATCGen keeps a permanently open channel for clients.

Great Contributors: ATCGen has talented contributors, people with team work spirit, ready to work and with a great degree of expertise in their functions. We work hard with everyone´s support and we have a fantastic team.

Innovation: To us, innovation is the integration of "thinking" and "making". We are 100% committed with that integration, thus providing our clients with better, faster and more practical services.


Speedy rendering and delivery of quality scientific services.


At ATCGen we believe that working together will lead us to reaching excellence in the scientific services we provide. Our vision is to become country leaders in the segment of support and execution of clinical projects.